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Thursday, September 25, 2008

You Have To Be More Than "Present" To Be A Leader

In 1999 a bill was introduced to the Illinois legislature that would allow some juveniles to be tried as adults. Current Presidential candidate Barack Obama, the state Senator of Illinois was faced with a difficult choice. A vote for the bill would possibly draw the ire of his African-American constituents. A vote against the measure might tarnish his tough-on-crime image. In an astounding display of leadership, Obama voted "present." Realizing he could not please everyone, he chose to not take a stand. In fact, during his career as a congressman, Obama has voted "present" over 100 times. Leader? No. Politician? Yes.

America needs leaders. America needs honesty and integrity. America needs someone to take a stand and in so doing, stand for the principles of liberty. Obama has none of these characteristics. His ties to ACORN, the Chicago mob, and the large lending firms that went under this past week proves he has neither honesty nor integrity. His voting record shows he is no leader. It is laughable that so many Americans have bought into his smooth talking rhetoric that leaves his audience swooning, and intellectuals scratching their head.

A good leader stands by his principles despite opposition because he realizes being "present" is not enough. Obama has shown he has no desire to take a stand on tough issues and therefore should not be considered a leader by any standard.

A man who stands for nothing is either dangerous or a liar. A man who stands for everything is worse. Be wary America, the devil is at our door.


  1. Holy crap balls I love this article. Obama has actually voted present more than 130 times. He is an idiot, a moron, and an absolute loser. It doesn't matter where you stand in politics as long as you don't vote for this imbecile.

  2. So out of curiousity, oh brilliant analysts, how do we keep a devil out? Does this mean McCain is an angel or is he just a devil with a different shade of horns. I love the pep talk. It gets me all fired up to go out & kick the .... out of some politicians; but then I'm left with my ... in my hands wondering, "Hey, what do I do now?". Any suggestions on a proacive approach.

  3. Beaker,

    I'm definitely not endorsing McCain. However, the media bias towards Obama that shows him as America's savior infuriates me. It is not hard to connect the dots with this guy, and people need to know that he is the worst presidential candidate in our history.

    As for what you can do, be proactive. Get involved, start by finding out who your congressmen are in your state and be vocal. Stay informed, let your voice be heard. They serve the people so if you we are silent, they will more likely vote how they want. Call them, tell them how you want them to vote. Even if they don't listen, at least you are speaking out.

    Find out who is running locally where you live. Find out as much as you can about them and vote your concience. If you don't like the choices, run yourself or campaign for someone who you think is better.

    Research who is running for president. Pay special attention to voting records because during their campaigns they will act like typical politicians and say whatever is necessary to gain votes.

    Don't be apathetic. If you are, you have no right to complain about your government.

  4. From someone who is not only a resident of Illinois, but also an activist, this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.
    In Illinois, we have an interesting political system...and like many areas an even more interesting prosecution area. To allow the prosecution and police even more leeway(charging youths as adults),even with our law enforcement in areas being investigated for just finding someone to pin as the perp to close the case(and many of the police force don't really care if the guy is innocent or guilty, "he's prolly guilty of something"), Obama was in the right to vote present. And for those of you who want to whine about me not knowing what I speak about -- I worked for the Illinois Department of Corrections for almost 30 years---during that time I met about 8 men who were found INNOCENT, not some technechality, not something done wrong--not involved in the crime at all. In Juvenile???? Its even worse. It doesn't come down to guilt or innocence, it comes down to how much money can you pay to an attorney.

  5. Snuzyaluz,

    Ok, so you are defending one example of his "present" positions. I can understand how that would be frustrating. I have a problem with the present judicial system as well as abuse of power. However, Obama could have taken a stand on that one. He COULD have voted no. He COULD have addressed that very issue. That is my point. Instead of being a leader and coming up with a solution or at least leading the way for one, he chose not to take a stand.

    I do appreciate your comments and hope you continue to read the blog!

  6. http://newsbusters.org/

    This just in. Family of Ryan Jopek told obama to stop wearing the bracelet and stop using their son's name.

    They support the war in Iraq and John McCain.

  7. S.B.,
    Yes I read that!! They actually told him to take it off because they didn't want it to become a campaign issue. It's funny that he ignored them and then brought it up in the debate - and when he did, he couldn't even remember the soldiers name! It's actually not funny, it's insulting. Not only does this show he cares more about winning than American families, it shows disrespect for that soldier's memory and his family.

    Welcome to the site and hope to hear more from you!


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