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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Are You On Board??

Writes a person from Texas: "I was a delegate to the Texas Republican Convention this year. If any delegate was known to be sympathetic to Dr. Paul, they were not allowed to speak to the convention. If they approached a microphone, the microphone would be turned off. If a delegate began to speak and attempted to mention Ron's name, the mic would be cutoff. Anyone sympathetic to the Paul delegates or even those for fair and open discussion were threatened with arrest. Houston police were everywhere and all they needed was a nod from the power brokers to haul someone off without offense."

As the media blacked out Ron Paul during the primaries, steps were taken to silence and intimidate those who might interfere with the parties agenda. This was very effective in limiting the message of limited government and fiscal responsibility that Dr. Paul was challenging the Republican party with. As the media ignored and labeled him and his followers as crazy or conspiracy freaks, behind the scenes there were numerous reports of fraud, theft, intimidation, and illegal activity surrounding this years primary elections. Strangely though, other than a small blurb on CNN during the NH primary (which was later removed during the re-airing) - nothing has been mentioned. The only place you can find mention of the fraudulent tactics used is over the internet. Is it any wonder that there is a push from some of our "elected" congressman (and presidential nominees) to regulate the internet - the last place where you can actually find information not controlled by the men and women in power??

Police raids were conducted in Minneapolis before the Republican National Convention in the homes of people who had planned peaceful protests. Several instances of 20+ armed men with assault rifles and riot gear broke into houses, handcuffed residents, and held them at gun point (assault rifles) while they confiscated computers, books, etc. Despite demands from those being held hostage, no warrant was issued, and no questions answered.

Recently, at the RNC, Ron Paul was not given a speaking role at the convention, nor was he given access to the convention floor because he was not on board with the direction of the party. Despite being a U.S. Congressman which ALLOWS him access to the floor, he was told he would not be issued a pass unless he swear allegiance to McCain and be under escort during the convention.

Now, I am a conservative first, and consider myself a Republican, but I AM NOT on board either. We are heading towards a police state with a government wishing to expand it's power, blatantly and openly attempting to silence Americans - and more importantly, ignore the constraints of the Constitution. Neither McCain nor Obama will end this trend. Our economy will continue to suffer, we will continue to lose freedoms, and our dollar will continue to be devalued. Imperialism or Socialism - McCain or Obama - The choice is yours. My vote is still with Paul.


"People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." - Benjamin Franklin

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