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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take Off The Diaper America, It's Getting Poopy In Here

Children are distracted easily. If the "adults" in the room need to talk about something important, and do not want them to hear, they are placed in the next room, toy in hand; Or better yet, placed in front of a television screen that will quickly help them tune out all that happens around them.

What is ironic, is that in American society, the people who are supposed to keep government in check (the citizens) have been silently lulled into a sleep induced coma while those who need to be watched like children (government/fed) plan and execute disastrous policies that effectively diminish the restraints on government, socialize America, and systematically destroy the free market system and the dollar. Some call this progress, some call this change. (sound familiar??)

Children rely on parents for all things. Protection, needs, and wants are all supplied by the loving parent, and children learn to trust, respect, and rely on their mother and father for it all. America is no different. As we have been lulled to sleep by the evergrowing media, we have lost our accountability. Like infants we demand from government all our wants and needs, and in so doing, lose the foundations of liberty that made this nation great.

And so their power grows. Ever bigger.

The events of this past week show the ignorance and complacency of Americans toward the elitists that run our government. The same people who brought us financial disaster offer us a "bailout" plan. Yet, few Americans truly understand what caused the housing crisis and what this bailout plan truly encompasses. To put it simply, it is a laundering scheme without a ceiling proposed by the fed to increase it's power and influence. Most Americans watch from their couches and nod in unison as the Secretary of Treasury tries to push this bill through Congress to "save America." We are told that there are but two choices: Pass the Bailout plan, or watch as the U.S. falls into economic turmoil. This, however, is not true.

Since 2002, people have been talking about impending disaster. Numerous plans have been submitted to Congress and to Paulson that would eliminate the housing bubble, and at the same time put restraints on the big lending companies in order to alleviate the stress on the economy. It is still not too late. To say there are only two options - the bailout plan or impending doom - is misleading and irresponsible. If you look at history, this is not unprecedented and some would argue that it is purposeful. The fed has been responsible for a number of banking collapses and economic declines in our history and each time has used the opportunity to gobble up competition and increase their power and influence. Sadly though, Americans most likely will sit in the next room and stare blankly at the tv while our "leaders" in Congress will do nothing but squabble over technicalities. It is time to wake up. It is time to grow up. Take off your diaper America, because this downright stinks!

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