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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Media Bias

Travis Jackson, CC

Once again, as we prepare for the new election cycle, one man is being ignored like no other. It is not so surprising, really, that Ron Paul is being treated as if he doesn't exist. The intellectual integrity and solid record he possesses go against everything we've come to expect from today's politicians. Ron Paul stands against everything today's government is for, and rightly so. Anyone who truly understands the basis of our Constitution, or the principled foundations of liberty would quickly surmise that he is the only candidate that makes any sense! Is it any wonder then, that the media tries so hard to lead you in other directions?

Make no mistake, those who are in control are terrified of Ron Paul and his growing number of supporters. To date, Ron Paul has won all but one straw poll, the lone exception being Iowa where he lost to Michelle Bauchman by 9/10 of a percentage point. When you keep in mind that this is her home state, the results are impressive. Better yet, Ron Paul finished first in voting at this years Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) where, since 1973, winners have been deemed by the media as "frontrunners" in upcoming Presidential elections. Historically, this annual event has been THE mainstream event in the evaluation of conservative candidates for president. The annual CPAC straw poll vote traditionally serves as a barometer for the feelings of the conservative movement, yet, for the first time, the winner of this event has been deemed by the mainstream media as "unelectable." Interestingly enough, Ron Paul also won the straw poll at CPAC in 2010.

Below are a few examples of this years deception, and we're only a few weeks in!

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