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Monday, September 29, 2008

I Am Barack Obama. I Kill Babies.

As you can see in my comments section, a friend pointed out that my language was pretty harsh in my previous post under this title. Not that I don't stand by what I said, but I have made a commitment to providing facts, and letting you, reader, decide for yourself what to think.

So here are the facts. Barack Obama has ties to the Chicago mob. Obama has ties to a corrupt activist organization known as ACORN, and was an activist for this organization. Obama received massive amounts of money from the lending firms that went under. Obama has ties to several of the key members responsible for the "bailout" crisis. Obama is friends with known terrorist Bill Ayers and has ties to Weather Underground, a terrorist group. Obama attended a church and was mentored by the pastor Jeremiah Wright who has given several anti-America and anti-"white" speeches. Obama has a very suspect past and voting record. Obama does not believe in free speech (google Truth Squad). I encourage everyone to research for themselves each of these. Even more disturbing is Obama's stance AGAINST legislation that would prevent infanticide in his state of Illinois. (see video below)


  1. Dude - can you sound anymore hateful? As your bro, I know you're really not this unreasonable but you lose credibility when you attack this harshly without even trying to see both sides of the story before making judgments. People are going to write you off and not read this stuff. Paint a fair picture...you're as biased as the media.

  2. I don't feel I am biased. I admit it was harsh, but I feel betrayed by both parties. If you are an Obama supporter, it might be good to know that I do not support McCain either. However, the media refuses to do anything but show Obama in a positive light. They have ignored the facts and that makes me angry. So many rely on the media to present them with information that is true. The FACT is, the media is lying. So is Obama. So is McCain. They are both dirty, and in my opinion dangerous - but for different reasons.

    To appease you brother, I have toned down this post because deep down I know you are right. I was venting when I wrote the original. I hope this revision is a bit more to your liking and you will continue to visit the site. Thanks for your comments


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