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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are You Sure You Want Change America?

So you want change? We've heard a lot about this word in the past few months from many of our presidential candidates. I've decided to look at some of the changes government has brought us over the years.

Our dollar USED to be strong. It used to be backed by gold and silver. Today it is worth less than ever and continues to fall. The culprit? Politicians and the horrible economic legislation they have been passing since 1913 - the same year the federal reserve popped into existence.

We USED to be respected around the world. People looked to America as an inspiration for what real freedom and liberty means. Today many peoples of many nations look to what is happening in America with disdain. The culprit? Politicians and our horrible legislation that continues to trample our Constitution and our horrible foreign policy that permits us to police the world.

Schools and their curriculum USED to be held accountable by parents. After all, their children were attending and it is sensible that they should have a say in what their kids learn. Today schools answer to the state and use government mandated curriculum. The culprit? Politicians and the government created Department of Education. Remember when you could pray in schools, or when we would say the Pledge of Allegiance in school? Patriotism used to be taught as well. Today a good patriot is someone who pays their taxes (see Joe Biden) and is subservient to the state (see Patriot Act).

We USED to have a strong economy. The free market system works. It worked well for a long time. Inflation, price fixing, and government bailouts have left us facing a depression that will negatively effect any American not on Wall Street or Capitol Hill. I could go into import/export taxes as well in this category but I'm afraid I would show that every economic policy our government puts in place actually hurts America. The culprits? Wall Street, The Federal Reserve and Capitol Hill.

We USED to have free speech. This is our first amendment right. However our free speech is now under attack by groups such as Media Matters and is being restricted by legislation such as the McCain-Feingold bill. The culprit? Politicians from both major parties and their attempt to stop the dissenting voices from an ever growing angry American population. Guilty by association? The Media.

Marriage USED to be sacred. I'm not up for a debate with anyone sympathetic with the small minority of gays/lesbians on this one, but has anyone ever asked themselves why one member of a homosexual union still always takes on a more "male" role and the other a more "female" role?? Maybe it's just me but it seems like perhaps it is just natural that men are supposed to be attracted to women. Today people seem confused. The culprit?? Media and the Politicians who are trying to change it.

We USED to have lower taxes. Actually we used to have no income tax. The year it was instituted? 1913, the same year the Federal Reserve was created. Coincidence? Since then, although taxation has fluctuated and how it is applied has fluctuated, we find ourselves paying more taxes, having to work almost 6 months before we as Americans make a profit. Today, politicians are promising bailouts and programs that would raise your taxes even higher. The culprit? Politicians and their incredibly stupid plans to "bail out" the rich and the even more ignorant policies that would socialize America. Guilt by association?? The Media and their pundits who convince us that it is all a good idea.

We USED to enforce legal citizenship. Today politicians pretend we do but we don't. The increase in the socialized structure of America has afforded illegal aliens a multitude of services that they don't pay for. Politicians are also trying to ease the restrictions on voting that would allow illegals to have a voice in our system of government. There are in place a number of plans that would create a North American Union (see NAFTA, NAFTA superhighway, CAFTA, AMERO) It is even more surprising that a country so concerned about "terrorism" refuses to close its borders despite an overwhelming majority of Americans supporting that idea. The culprit? Politicians, Banks, and world leaders (Bush included) who can make a profit off of destroying the sovereignty of America.
(Back to the closing of borders issue. If your house was under threat from a gang of robbers, would you leave your doors and windows open and then enforce a plan (Patriot Act) that would allow you to spy with impugnity on anyone living inside the house??) - like most things government does it doesn't makes sense, makes government bigger, and takes away more rights from Americans.

We USED to have affordable food, housing, and gas but now we don't. We USED to have a right to bear arms but now they can be taken (see Katrina). We USED to believe life was sacred but Roe vs. Wade changed that. We USED to have more freedom. Politicians changed that.

I could go on and on I think, but the point is this. We DO NOT NEED MORE CHANGE!!! Over the last 50 years, legislation has not changed much in its moving of America to a more collectivist society. We have lost the ideals that made us great and the freedom and liberty that was ours by inheritance has been slowly removed peice by peice. From president to president, congress to congress - no matter democrat or republican - government has grown and our freedoms as Americans have decreased. It is not a time for change. It is a time for REFORM!

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