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Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleight of Hand

For those of you who do not understand how we've got to this point in our country, or for those who missed just exactly how the first "bailouts" were passed, here's a refresher course on how your Big Government minded, anti-American Congress takes action to usher in "change."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three Questions

Apparently I'm back.

Here's a good article to get your minds thinking again.


And when you have time, this is a GREAT article - I hope you all will read it.


Ignorance is Bliss?

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute puts out a test every year to measure the knowledge of citizens/college students/educators/elected officials/etc...

The test takes questions from areas that measure a persons knowledge of American history, civics, government, and economics. Questions are taken from past ISI exams and from many national exams, including the test given to those who wish to become American citizens.

This test is not hard and I do not believe it is intended to be. It is 33 questions on basic history and the functioning of our country. However, the average American scored 49% on this exam, Elected officials scored 47%, and educators scored 55%.

I took this test and scored 90.9%. Sadly, I believe that when I graduated college, I may have scored closer to the average. So why is our educational system failing to educate young people to carry on the traditions of this country? It is a great question to ask, and one that, when answered, lends credence to the idea that government run anything is a failure! (take the test and see how you do - here )

As we sink deeper and deeper towards socialism/fascism, I have almost been in awe over how stupid Americans can be as they embrace politicians and policy that lead us further and further away from our sacred Constitution and freedoms. However, I am starting to realize it is not stupidity, it is ignorance.

If people, including our leaders, do not understand what America was built on, what made us so prosperous, and what would lead us back to prosperity, what chance do we have to fight against those who are leading us toward destruction WITH PURPOSE! When a government starts ignoring its people, begins to nationalize banks and industry, when they pass legislation (even wrapped up in tidy little "packages") that would pave the way for national healthcare, when bills are introduced that would allow "detention camps" for U.S. citizens (here and here), when the Constitution is blatantly ignored or thought to be a "living" document or in need of revision, when Change is preached without definition, when socialism is championed - then people should start being afraid.

Seriously, what is it going to take? Ignorance is only an excuse for so long.

It does not take a genius to see that the "stimulus package" only undermines our economy even further. It also does not take a genius to see that our "leaders" in Congress and in the White House have no interest in stimulating the economy. Our government has no money. Which means they have to borrow it, ask the Federal Reserve to print it, or take it from another sector of the economy. We know they can't borrow it - no one will lend it to us, or it will sink us into debt even further. If they take it from another sector of the economy, it only hurts the economy and jeopardizes jobs. So they have to print it, which destroys the value of the dollar, increases inflation, and does NOTHING to stimulate the economy! They have done nothing but doom this country's economy and the dollar. The real question to ask is Why?

How many bailouts do we have to have, how many stimulus packages do we have to ram through Congress (without the approval of Americans) before Americans start waking up? Ask where the previous bailout money went and what it was used for? No one knows!! It is interesting that legislation that has far reaching effects on future generations has not been scrutinized enough to at least have an idea of where it all went or how it was used! Now, a new stimulus package has been gleefully rammed down our throats just months after the first one because as B.O. says - the situation has "gotten worse."


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