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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Readers

Unfortunately, I have been working a ridiculous amount of hours over the past month and have had no time to post to the site. However, things appear to be slowing down and I will begin posting regularly again in the next few weeks. I apologize to anyone still reading the site, and I look forward to reading and responding to any posts I have not yet addressed.

If you have been following recent events, you would have seen congress continuing to spend at an unprecedented rate, the corruption in the Illinois government, the nationalizing of banks, the efforts to control the auto industry, and the continued power grab by the federal reserve and the U.S. government. All of this points to a continued effort to destroy our freedoms as Americans, and the foundation of the Constitution.

Below is a video that shows that there were those many years ago that saw this coming. Like the people of this nation, they were ignored. Make no mistake, this was no accident. Despite media and government continually trying to point the finger away from themselves, I ask you to think critically as you watch the following video.


  1. Holy mouthfull Mr. Jackson. Thank you for responding. My boss and I enjoyed the video, but I couldn't help feeling as though I was watching a trailer "coming soon to a country near you" I suppose it was the music. I am sincerly trying to get your word out as well. I share the same views, but have not the eloquence to share. I do make some good cookies, and I'm great at playing games!
    We had a customer come in late yesterday and complained about politics. (This place does seem to take on its fair share of political discussions) He rambled on about big money corporations, and CEOs, even bashed football (yes really!) and at the root at all of it, was that he was angry. None of what he said made since, or was thought through, but he was angry...Trav, what if the wrong people wake up first?
    The positive news is that Obama, while he surrounds himself with very, very questionable characters, may have a good influence. Families! yep, he stands by families. That's a good start. Can you say that in the 60's - free love, divorce, exceptance of drugs, and everything goes, was possibly the beginning of the down turn as well. I've been reading another book (I know!) by Peter Kreeft. It was written in 97, and called Ecumenical Jihad. It's written about an oncoming war of God vs Godlessness. I do very much believe that it is coming. This Christmas season has been a testiment to it. Those who stand on morals, and belief in a creator could possibly be at war soon with those who have nothing to stand on. A very intelligent professor I once had, Dr. Fortner, once said that "society is like a cut flower. Look at its beauty, but it has no roots and therefore will die"
    Thank you for working so hard, both here and at your job.

  2. Holy Backfromthedead...
    Well, Bush is the good guy, Obama is the bad guy, Jackson has exited the postpartum election depression, & Gore looks like a moron because I am freezing in this state of Global Warming crisis. Sure would be boring if things went as expected.
    Why did I originally vote for W? Becuase he's a good ole boy who wants to do the right thing. Too bad that bumper sticker didn't also explain that he has the IQ of a fruitfly and those threads coming out of his suit jacket are attached to the Puppet Master's hand. But... what he has recently been noted for takes me back to why I voted for him... He was caught red-handed... Spending time with about 1000 of the wounded soldiers, 500 of the families of those who have been killed defending this country & writing over 4000 letters to soldiers who prove to be more of a man than I could ever hope to be. When asked, he said he could have only done with the support of his wife & his faith in God. Way to Go Bush, you got it right, and at the very end.
    As for Obama, maybe Jackson had some truth to the shady side of Obama. "May the real Obama please stand up" I wonder if Obama even knows who Obama is. Talk about change... are those conservatives you have hanging out with you Obama. No, I'm sorry, those are conservative liberals. Definiton: OxyMORON. & Obama, nobody has really attacked you with the Blagojevich scandal. So why do you insist on making an enormous deal out of this report that clears you & your groupies' names. & not only that, you make the big deal, then you take 2 weeks to review the report before releasing it. What's Blagojevich got on you Pres Elect? And has anyone seen Monica? Hmmmm.....
    Al Gore, didn't you invent the internet or was that also a hoax.
    Travis, speaking of waking up, good to see you finally did. I thought you might be in Canada hunting Big Foot after the election rocked your fragile conservativism-bordering-on-mass-paranoia-world. I look forward to our many influential conversations.

  3. Wow, you called me paranoid yet are now questioning Obama's shady side even though I'M the one who is paranoid. Either it's catching or there might be some hope for you after all. You got something else right, you're not much of a man! =) j/k buddy, glad to see you back on posting. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  4. I'm sorry bp, but Bush is the good guy? Really? B/c if you've been out from under a rock, you would know that Bush pushed through the automakers bill, and we now get to pay 17.6 billion into that soon to be quadrillion dollar deficit. Not only do we get to be in more debt, but now the unions can continue on their destructive path...HOORAH!
    No offense, but cruising airforce one to shake hands of boys, wounded or not, then sign my name to some paper, isn't hard. And i'm sure that Bush "wrote" 4000 letters. Anyone can be compassionate, but Bush has not done his job, especially in the end. His character might be good hearted, but if you can't lead this country, sit down. On the bright note, things can get worse, or they still have a chance of getting better!


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