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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What I've Learned

Reflecting back over the past year's election, I've learned a few things:

  • The majority of Americans do not understand where our leaders are taking us and more importantly, do not understand the Constitution or the ideas that inspired its writing.
  • The "progressives" in the Democratic Party have become an instrument of socialism, believe in collectivist ideals, and are working to destroy our Constitution.
  • The "neo-cons" in the Republican Party have left their conservative base, promote patriotism as allegiance to the state despite the destruction of individual liberty, believe in collectivist ideals, and are working to destroy our Constitution.
  • The media has been hijacked by corporate interests and big money, is dividing America, promotes racism, and no longer has any integrity.
  • Government has grown to gargantuan proportions, no longer follows the Constitution, and no longer listen to the people.
  • Lies and deceit are the trademark of most politicians - I already knew this, but it has become even more apparent.
  • Americans are not as scared of socialism as they should be.
  • The voting system is flawed, rigged, and fruadulent. It needs to be reformed.
  • We are teetering on the brink of something very scary...

And last but not least:

  • Many Americans are waking up. There is hope!


  1. Travis-

    You have once again managed to take valid points and dilute them with extreme generalizations.
    *Ingorance or Bliss: While most Americans are uneducated in the realm of politics I believe it's because Americans are content with the dream that everything works it's way out. Dream on & I say if you want to vote, you've got to pass a test. Sure it may drudge on rights but who cares, at least intelligent and bold people are finally the only ones who are voting.

    *How can the Democrats destroy the Constitution if that's already been accomplished by our allegiance to slavery for the sake of our mental well-being in the fight against terrorism.

    *Republicans are about to be non-existent. They plan on analyzing the Dell advertising run to figure how to pull oneself out of a ditch.

    *Racism. Nail on the head there. Racism would be non-existent except for the fact that it is a great tool in every aspect of government. The media has produced the biggest money-making, power-engulfing, mainpulative variables through racism. Bascially... it's UNTOUCHABLE.

    I feel you on many of these issues Travis. But unlike you, I dont believe many are waking up. I believe the Media-Induced sedative we've received has deepened our coma of ignorance. At best some are rousing a little or turning over the pillow.

  2. Hey boys,
    If you would please check out an article. It fits perfectly with what you two are speaking about. David Limbaugh.com, columns, Liberal censorship and its roots.
    Very, very good article. And i truly see ourselves heading into a nation that is no longer "liberal" (free) but oppressive. There fear i have, bp, is that we will wake up too late, thank heavens for heaven!

  3. So I read your article tmiller. I must say, I almost felt like I was reading the script for "V for Vendetta". (Excellent movie & Excellent story by Allen Moore.) This is what I find most fascinating about politics. This is also what I refer to about Americans NOT waking up. It's not what policies can better this country. It's not about whose values best correlate with our own. It's not even about who presents the greatest opportunity for stability. It's turned into a sporting spectacle. I can't believe ESPN hasn't taken on the debates yet. The sportman's pride is swelling when their candidate makes a good point. "The Crowd Goes Wild". It's the democrats acting like Philly fans. Spitting on the refs & jumping those fans with the elephant on their jerseys. It's the republicans acting like country club members. Drinking champaigne with the pinky sticking out. Tipping those fans with the donkeys on their jerseys for carrying their bags to their rooms. These aren't elections anymore; these are the bowl games w/ the president elect winning the Capital City One Bowl.

  4. bp, I must admit, the comment of "most Americans are uneducated in the realm of politics" rubs me wrong. not bad wrong, just sad wrong. I'm a firm believer that we follow what we are around. Not that we give up our identity, but that, when one is saturated with an "idea" its hard to escape it with real rational thought , or you could say, to think for onesself. most Americans don't have time for politics. Like i don't have time to read that water is good, water is bad, water needs to be in good quantity...blah, blah, I need to drink water. Politics are a game, but the future of this country is not.

    What makes me sad, is that my best friend lives in NY city, and can't understand why I think that Palin was an honest deal. That socialism is bad, and that there needs to be a protection on the one man one woman marriage. Now I'm surrounded by hard working, stick to tradition families, that believe in do it yourself. Thishas an influence on me, and I try to keep up with politics, so I can know what to expect for my son. (Honestly, before he came, I didn't care much.) So, my bestfriend and I grew up in the same town, worked the same job; we were in the same after school activities and lived together, now why do we not agree on anything political?
    What motivates her? What motivates you to keep up with politics? Travis, what motivates you to do this blog?
    I guess what I'm asking is, Is it our fault that we are not educated in politics, or are politics an uncomprehensive idea?

  5. tmiller-
    I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm not concerned with who will make the most elegant speech or who will have the most charismatic smile. The course of politics should lead one to decide on values and the well-being of their fellow countrymen & women. It is sad when you consider how politics are demon-strated these days. U2 concerts and throwing the first pitch; Saturday Night Live & dropping the puck. This is what Americans look for in a leader. What happened to reinstalling an idea of America. It became a cash-cow for Coporate.
    If there was a test to vote, I think you just passed it t. Politics ARE an idea. But an idea is what people have sacrificed for. What people have loved for. What people have DIED for. That idea has been muddied by the temptation of glamour. Your friend is not a bad person (as I'm sure you're aware of); she's just comfortable with the blind fold of commercialism. Farenheit 451... That's where we are right now. It's people with ideals and values like you and Travis that can alter the personal worlds around each other however. You have spoken the words of Montague from that fantastic and true-to-the-heart book, (Fareheit 451). You have raised the gauntlet & I believe you will conquer, maybe not unscathed, but victorious. As long as you keep to your words you have carefully chosen, I truly believe your son will grow to be a heroe to those around him.

    Into the breaches of darknes my dear friends. May we come out bound by blood and faith to be lions among sheep.

  6. thanks, bp, and i'm going to now read farenheit 451. :)

  7. What is this? You're throwing in the towel so easily? Dont tell me you're backing down without a fight. This is what drives me crazy about the status of society today. Someone says some clever things, backs it up with some regurgitated facts, shows some signs of intelligent life with a few well-placed comments, & then quits as soon as things dont go the way they want. Travis, I hope this sebatical is for some other reason than to make time for the new season of 24.
    -Hoping to get into future arguments soon - BP

  8. Seriously Trav! what are you doing now? did you have some time off over the holidays? geez, so much is changing..like the liberals getting mad at Obama for not electing liberals in his administration (really tim geithner?) its the coldest year in 10 years (where's Al gore now) and we are homeless, go recession! where are your comments, and bp, where are you cute quWHips at?

  9. No fear tmiller, I'm just basking in my glory of victory since apparently our friend Mr. Jackson couldn't stand the heat. I hope he's enjoying his restful vacation in the right-winged land of "conservative militias" and unjust paranoia. Travis this is your chance to return with an enlightening comeback. Liberal America is all but eating its young with the realization that Obama is actually W with a clever disguise derived from the Top Secret team of scientits from Mission Impossible. I just cant wait for Obama to be sworn in and then rip his mask off to the demise of every left-winged, media-influenced sap to reveal his true identity as "Captain Conservative". Here's to four more years of the same old same old under the title: CHANGE!!!

  10. alright, now i feel i need to defend Trav...you should come out swinging...like in the steelers/cowboys game, when we all thought that nate washington had a season ending injury, but o no! up he jumps and slams down..as if to say "suck it" ... o, but i don't know how well you can relate to that story b/c you don't seem to be a steeler type man...you seem to be more like a browns man...great start to two seasons,and much potential but they can't make it, just can't make it the whole 9 yards....just like getting us all riled up then not writing anymore. is it because the election is over?
    forget how busy you are with work, and come do your real calling, or i'll start talking church politics!!!
    by the way bp, i'm LOVIN that obama is a smoker...heck ya! (you don't always die from tobacco, sometimes you become president of the u.s.)

  11. tmiller, just when I thought you were going to slam me on that last comment, you go & bring up the Browns. First time I've laughed out loud on accident without trying to make someone I thought their lame sense of humor was mildly ammusing. I'm afraid this has almost become the T & B show. Just dont take out the the "&" or you've got TB, and tuberculosis has lost it's popularity since the gold strike. I truly respect your football analogy. But I have to differ somewhat on you analysis. While I am a die-hard Colts fan & both the Steelers & Colts come from hard working middle class cities always having to prove themselves with a little hard work and a little hard rock, I'm afraid it's come to the point where our friend Mr. Jackson should fall under the Ballet analagy. It's all graceful and anesthesitaclly pleasing until he breaks a nail, then he has to take a six month sebatical until he can cope with the tragedy of uneven cuticles. I'd say "No hard feelings Travis", but what are the chances you're going to read your own blog, since your boy lost the election. tmiller- Here's to making those two letters TB popular again.

  12. Always glad to give a critical friend a smile! but disappointment still lies in my heart.
    You know why the colts are a hard working, blue collar team? yes, we all know, Tony Dungee was a Steeler, so we know where your roots really, truly lie... with the black and gold.
    More to the point, Trav, look- we'll make is easy for you. The Governor of Illinois is a crook, attempting to sell Obama's seat in the senate to the highest bidder. um, the government is attempting to own 20% of the big three auto industry to bail out the unions...and so, talk amongst yourself, and let me know.
    and bp, i don't know about you, but in Last Mohican, i thought the little injun was very sexy when he caught TB, so i'll start spreading...haha(thats what she said) sorry, ahem. so, trav, if you could get back to us by hanukkah, that would be great...thanks!

  13. Ok, you two are hilarious.

    My apologies for my absence, I have not had any time off this month and had to drive back to rock springs through a snowstorm just to fetch my computer.

    BP, as always, your eloquent comments have little substance. ;) I kid! I'll try to hit point by point here.

    Our Constitution will continue to be destroyed as long as Americans are asleep at the wheel. However, many people, more than you realize have awoken from their slumber, and hopefully many more will from those that care. It is my hope that others will gradually open their eyes (hence my motivation for this blog TMiller)

    The Republican party, or those currently in power in that party may be drawing to an end, but conservatism will find a place somewhere. Whether taking back the party or raising up a new one, conservatism will never die. It is the essence of America.

    yes, racism is a tool of government, especially within the democratic party. Not that republicans are innocent either. We have been a social welfare state since the 60's, and those that champion the rights of minority groups are the ones that have helped keep minorities in poverty. Sad that so few actually understand that. No wonder Martin Luther King Jr. was registered as a republican!

    Yes,politics are like sports. People like drama and get caught up in the petty arguments b/n the two parties when in fact they are arguing over petty issues. At no time will they seriously broach the subject of immigration, monetary policy, or the fundamentals of foreign or economic policy. So people take sides and don't realize that they are rooting for the same team.

    As for everything else, I don't watch 24, the colts suck, I didn't know you read books, and I will be on more frequently for now on to argue with your eloquent and ridiculous arguments. Enjoyed the ballet comment btw! Here's to broken cuticles!


    My fear is that we will wake up to late as well. I agree with your sentiments, thank heaven for heaven is right!

    As for the uneducation of Americans, I think that is our biggest obsticle. The University of Virginia was founded by Jefforson and his contemporaries in order to prepare citizens to be "statesmen." They recommended that students be prepared by understanding the writings of those who established this nation. They wanted young people to have a firm grasp on the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and other writings that brought about our independence so they would be prepared to carry on what they built. However, we have lost our way, our educational system is failing us, and each generation is offered a skewed or unfactual representation of our history that is devoid of arguments pertaining to liberty, individualism and the alternate views to that ideology. Critical thinking has been lost, and statesmen have been replaced by career politicians who are just part of "the game." (as BP so aptly put it) My motivation for this blog is to be a voice, to try and get others to think critically of the issues, and to remind people that WE HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY!!

    A test was recently given out (future post) which measured U.S. citizens understanding of politics, civics, history, and economics of this nation. Citizens and elected officials were given this test. Average scores for citizens? 49% Average score for our elected officials? 43% This should not be! Until we educate ourselves, we will be led by ignorance, taught not to think critically, and have to look on sadly as Americans like your friend follow without question.

    I have been working 80+ hours a week (that's where I've been) and I apologize for my absence. I am glad BP has kept you company. Despite his ramblings, he's a good guy. Just be careful when he recommends any book...cliffnotes and pictures are his specialty ;)


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