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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Let's drop politics for a moment shall we?

In an era where Christmas spirit is in short supply, and where the idea of wishing someone a Merry Christmas is deemed inappropriate, I submit to you the following story. (link at bottom of article)

In the past, faith, good spirit, kindness, and hope were attributes that Christmas brought out of individuals. It was a time of peace, of good will towards men, of kindnesses, and of heart. This time of year, above all times, is our chance to show we are human and give reason to show one another the good in all of us. I would argue that this should not be a one time a year event, but an everyday occurance, but let's not be picky. We have to start somewhere.

There is something special in the season, and it really does not matter if or how you celebrate the time or not, there is just something irresistable in it all. Yet, hearing how shoppers trample over one another to get the greatest deal or latest gadget might lead one to think that this "spirit" is dying. It can be depressing knowing that "good will towards men" might be turning into "who cares about you, I'm doing what's good for me!"

Despite the negativism in much of our population, and the air of distrust that we project upon one another, let us not forget how a simple smile or kind word can do wonders, how a kindness is not forgotton, and how hope is contageous. It is hope that will get us through hard times, and our ability to love, no matter how different we are, is our way to light up the darkness. Let your light shine this holiday season and EVERYDAY.

I hope this story is an inspiration to you all.



  1. Beautiful story! Merry Christmas! and Happy Birthday Mr. Jackson!

  2. I gotta say Mr. Jackson, well done. The best combination a story could ask for: sports, faith, and the underdog. That is something we as Americans, Christians, or just plain old human beings seem to need on a constant basis: things put in perspective. It's always more refreshing when we realize how blessed we are just to be alive by reading a story with a positive message. This is much more enlightening that our lives being put in perspective by global tragedy, which seems to be the most chronic wake-up call we receive anymore.
    On the positive finish here: I'd like to say, While 2009 was difficult at times, we still had our laughs. I hope those of us that that have formed a strange bond through this blog, enjoy a beautiful Christmas & take many memories from this Holy Holiday that will put a smile on our faces for the rest of our lives. May we recognize how blessed we truly are & teach others to recognize the same. Love you all & be safe.

  3. Erm, Mr. Jackson, when are you going to pick politics back up again? Just wondering, do you have a girl now? are you frozen in your house and have no electricity? Just wondering...there's a lot going on, ahem, Gaza, to name one. Lets see, I heard that Obama wants to ride to his inauguration in Lincoln's carriage.(interesting) and ooo, Colts are out of the play offs, that makes Manning 8 for 7 in losses in the play offs. Hows that for being MVP.
    Just saying :)
    Please connect to us soon.

  4. Knock Knock... Who's there?... Just those of us that thought, while his paranoia and occasional misinterpretation made for some fun humor, Mr. Jackson actually had some potential with insight and moral conclusions to immoral current events. But that must've been before he went Jimmy Hoffa on us. How do concrete goloshes feel?
    Oh well, guess we'll continue griping about those "leaders" who argue about why everyone's ideas wont work to fix a crumbling economy oversee those who actually try to give birth to resolution. Oh well, guess we'll continue to watch with melancholy filled eyes as the Middle East finds new ways to cannabilize itself in the name of God. Oh well, guess we'll continue to shake our heads at the lack of coverage with the association of our President elect and a corrupt governor who makes Brittney Spears look like the definition of sanity. In other words, get back on here Mr. Jackson and give those of us who believe there is more to life than tabloids and Entertainment Tonight, a voice.
    And by the way tmiller, the definition of an MVP is someone who leads a 3-4 team to a perfect rest of the season after an immediate return from 2 surgeries, no defense, and no running game only to be eliminated by a stupid coin flip. However, the definition of a train wreck is someone who enters a playoff game following 6 concussions, a broken jaw, and an expended motorcycle liscense, only to face the most brutal defense ever assembled. Assembled, that is, by the blood and bones of hatred for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Good luck Ben, hope you like Jello and orthopedic hospital beds.

  5. I'll get to politics in a moment, but bp, the most brutal defense ever?
    Did you forget the steel curtain? the rules put in to play b/c of Mean Jo Green? I'm sorry but what team has the number one defense in every category in the NFL? And for someone bragging about "i'm a baby manning" coming back from injuries... did you see last sundays game? Ben blocked and kick after suffering a spinal concusion. the running game was the best its been since Betis left and the Ravens are 0-2 against us. So we'll see what this train wreck will be, and did you see how well leftwich can handle the team? there are no worries here.
    so onto politics...Mr. Jackson, i agree with bp, where's your voice? calling girls i presume. or is facebook taking up too much of your time.
    I feel that Israel attacking Gaza is the best thing I've seen in years. Yes, my heart goes out the innocent caught and the devastation the land will have, but I'm proud Israel is taking matters into their own hands and protecting themselves against the scum smuggling in weapons that in turn kill thousands more of innocent people. to quote Wanted, "kill one to save a hundred".
    oo, and Hilary getting Secretary of State...good news there. She's out of the senate,and Obama can fire her in a year.
    True, i feel this is a year of change, but Trav, change for the better and finish what you started.

  6. Well lets start things with a language lesson. Mr. Jackson, your lack of dedication and defecient desire to continue your blog has made you a, as our friends up north like to call, Hoser.
    Now for tmiller, 2 things, but we'll start off with the folks in the east. While I agree it's good of them to stand up for themselves, that's not a focal point for me. The UN is all but supporting the Hamas. What the heck is this. The UN is so corrupt, they might as well run for office in Illinois. It is nice, however, that this is not of immediate concern for all our troops. Maybe if more countries decided to take a stand, ours wouldn't be so ridiculed. The only problem is here, when things dont go as planned for Israel, are we going to be blamed for not stepping in more fiercely. I guess we're in a lose-lose siutation. And Clinton, whocares anymore. She's just a show-pony, good for PR. It's this Caroline Kennedy I'm worried about. Senate huh? I heard the argument recently, that this would be good for our government. The main point of the argument was that a move like this would bring us back into the "Camelot Era". Are you kidding me?!?!?! How does one take these morons seriously when they think a good government is one that would contend with Desperate Houswives in drama?
    And last but not least tmiller, Hey Steeler Fans, what's that under Ray Lewis's foot? Is that a "Terrible-Marketing-Ploy-To-Prey-On-A-City's-Uncreative-Way-Of-Supporting-Your-Team Towel" or is that just Little Ben's head? & what is that stat about? Ed Reed has more receptions that the whole Steeler receiver core? Man, I guess it's funny what a lot of non-sense hype for a Steeler team slightly above par can lead to.

  7. i'm sorry, but all i should say is -whose going to the super bowl...who has 5 rings working on the sixth? yeah-
    back to Caroline Kennedy...defentley agree with you there. i have a question...if JFK had lived through his term in office, would it have been the "Camelot Era?" To quote the dark knight (i know i'm a nerd) "you either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the vilian" every president has made one or more horrible decisions..but in a job with that much power the mistakes, however small, are bound to be catastrophic.- but i wouldn't slight Mrs. Clinton...i feel that she is a snake in the water, just waiting...i feel there might be a bigger reason that she stayed with hubby (just speculating now)
    now, i feel Mr. bp, that you and i might be more on the same page than i thought. the un is a waste in every way (i would love to be corrected) but, i feel with Israel taking its stand...it will be a win win..now with the peace a bit, we'll see how things turn out!
    and hey aren't you glad this is just our little chat room now?

  8. okay, i give up. i'm jumping on the socialist bandwagon. have fun fighting a war thats already won!

  9. did i say socialism? i meant fascist! I'm glad that you're "too busy" to keep up with what you think is your american duty and freedom. Its too bad you didn't take advantage of it while you could...its all going to end so soon. Did you ever hear of the tipping point? Its here! The census has been moved..to, hmmm, under the white house...thats right! nothing to stand in the way, like those pesky conservatives voting down a bailout...o, and bankrupting the coal industry, just a ploy so that we can rescue them, then put them under "our" control.. and clearing all charges from gitmo prisoners b/c the trails wouldn't go on hold..hmm, seems like all three branches of government are soon to become under one dictator...sorry, under one control.
    have fun doing nothing...its going to be that way for a long time!

  10. The U.N. is a collectivist organization. It is corrupt, and with our leaders bending to their will, the CFR dictating policy, and the federal reserve and washington destroying our economy, Americans don't have much hope of hanging onto freedoms unless we stand up to the power grab that our central government is organizing and hiding between the lines of things like "stimulus package."

    Side note - you brought up JFK - interesting fact here...or food for thought. The only two presidents that have tried to go back to Congress printing/coining money since 1913 (the year the federal reserve was established) were Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Both were assassinated.

    Side, side note. I hate the Steelers. The was a horribly called game and they did not deserve that sixth ring. However, I will extend my congratulations to you T - since you've obviously been brainwashed by your hubby ;)


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