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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here Is Your Handbasket America, It Is Going To Be Hell

I would have been unhappy had John McCain been elected President. He has never shown a respect for constitutional government, and has meandered over to liberal ideas time and time again. Yet...

It might have been better.

It might have been better than what we are getting. I have never seen a man running for office with so much damaging information and commentary than that of Barack Obama. The astounding amount of ammunition against Obama would have destroyed any other politician. Yet it was hidden, the media was silent, and Americans will suffer.

I think both candidates were poor choices. However, this Barack Hussein Obama is scary. America wants change, they will get it. Americans want something different (even though most Obama supporters don't understand what they want), they will get it. It's going to be ugly. It's going to be painful. It's going to change the political landscape in this country to the point where freedom will be in short supply. It will do nothing but further destroy the economy of this country. I can already hear the footsteps of this march toward socialism, and it frightens me. I am frightened for those who do not realize what they are getting. Those who followed so blindly will get a rude awakening.

Mark my words America. There is no stopping this "progressive" movement. The next four years will be hell. Hopefully you will learn over this time, understand what you voted for and what you lost. You may think socialism is a great idea, but if you look around the globe, those people who are suppressed and oppressed by their governments (socialist, fascist, statist, totalitarianist. etc...) yearn for the freedom that we just lost. The shame is, we had choices. We had the ability to decide and we voted it out. We voted against the Constitution, voted against small government, personal accountability, free markets, liberty, justice, and morality.

Farewell America. You will be missed.


  1. Only two years, friend. Then a fed up nation will swing to the right for the Congressional elections. Even Pelosi has to run again to keep her seat in the House of Representatives.

  2. i love you, trav! I feel this is it! this is the change we need. As we sit in this slow boiling pot, i think we'll begin to see what a "progressive" really is. I'm encourage by you, and ready to fight. For truth, God, life and country. now is our chance to cling to our faith and guns. miss you.

  3. Where do you guys get those crystal balls, I need one... But then again, with all the paranoid suggestions & delirious fortune telling, I might pass. This is just another example of bored, dare I say spoiled, Americans living in a Soap-Opera-Reality. Let face it, we are not products of the government, the government is a product of us. This newly elected President is one of us. If you want change so bad, step out "conspiracy enlightened" basements and start fixing the individual... aka the building blocks of a society.

  4. TMiller,

    Yes! I love that you wrote! I love that some Americans are starting to wake up! Your comment definitely made me smile =) I am glad that this website is an encouragement to you. To be honest, these kind of messages are an inspiration to me. Thank you!


    There is no crystal ball. There are those out there that actually care about where this country is going. To say that Obama is "one of us" is not accurate in my opinion. I do not believe that the majority of Americans believe in Marxism. This was not thought up in some conspiracty basement as you so cleverly put it.

    To claim that he is Marxist is not opinion, it is reality - all you have to do is listen to what he says, look at his policies, and actually HEAR the reality behind his words. Obama's radical ties is not opinion, it is fact. All you have to do is dig up the information the media is trying so hard to hide.

    If he is "one of us," I would ask, do you hang out with terrorists, celebrate with radical muslims, and campaign and promote socialist agenda's? If anything, that is anti-American, and everything the founding fathers fought so hard against.

    As for the government, it is no longer a product of the people but a leviathan of power that is slowly swallowing up the rights of the citizens. It is made up of people, sure, but the majority of those are corrupt with their own agenda's. I agree we have to start by re-educating Americans because sadly most are ignorant to the inner workings of government, legislation, and the way it will effect their lives. We the people still have a voice, and although it will not be easy, we still have a chance to re-establish our place in this Constitutional government.

  5. I have to admit, your literacy comptetence is astonishing. You have the verbal prowess of a successful dictator, uh, I mean liberator. You definately made me reflect and second-guess my associations with the less desirable, such as all those radical muslims. Oh, but wait, then that leaves me more time to discuss current events with my extreme right-winged militia-minded comrades here in the good ole' US of A. I guess when Jesus, assuming you're a God-fearing man which it sounds like you are, decided to have dinner with the sinners instead of those much-to-do celebrities, the pharisees, he was probably tarnishing his political career as well.
    Let's be honest, While I've got about as much faith in Obama as I do in me finishing a real marathon, same could be said for McCain, as I'm sure your well-aware. Obama is suspect. But an attack on character with "circumstantial evidence" is the same as an attack on your own self. Give him a day or two, see what happens, & use that time to successfully pull that plank out of your own eye.

  6. things seem to be a bit snippy(I'm not blessed with literacy competetence) But really, another reference to Obama and Jesus. Its not a very accurate comparison, but this isn't a very political subject to start.

  7. oo, and bp, i put you in for yahoo personals. :)

  8. I must apologize. I'm not trying to bring about any unsettled feelings in a period of uncertain times. I'm just concerned that with the present worry in America, the media has an opportunity to feed on it like a buzzard on an injured animal. I think the best thing is to accept that we are where we are, not fight against the inevitable. Things may be difficult but we "as a people" have an opportunity here. We can influence, not dictate, the leadership of this country. We have a fresh new mold here and while it may be not what we expected, it can be shifted with "suggestive" cooperation. Let's us this time the refresh where we stand and offer tribute to our founding fathers by stating our opinions to a young government. Doing this in a threatening or maybe even threatened society we may have more influence than if we just complain about where we stand.

  9. Much abliged little lady - tmiller

  10. "For the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran's president congratulated the U.S. president-elect on Thursday. "

    Could it be a sign of peace or is that just one of the four horsemen leading their charge? I say peace starts with a "hello" from your greatest enemy.

  11. Alright, bp, I acually read the whole article (where do you find the time?)
    i found it very intimidating. I remember hearing Joe Biden's speech about when Obama gets into office, the type of attack that will happen, and that we will need to trust them, even if we don't agree.
    What is it that they want to do that a majority of the US citizens are not going to agree with?...scary thought.
    I suppose the article can be taken any way, the quote that scared me was "everybody is looking forward to Obama's change" - Ahmed Youself.
    We know what Obama wants to change and we know what the loud, complaining voices of the lazy want to change...I hope a disaster is not in the fog of uncertainty...I pray, as a nation, we band together to fight evil(in whatever form it comes) than wait for a reason to explode. I do not think on a whole, that we will see prospering times, but sometimes things need to balance out.
    thank you for posting the link.

  12. I am what some would call a "RUSH BABY". For the better part of my life I have listened to Rush, Quinn and Rose, and Hannity...I even find myself liking Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. I learned through my father and these people above what the constitution means and what our bill of rights mean. I have also learned what true conservatism is all about. I never learned this from the drive by media or in school.

    With all of that said, this country was build with the core belief that we the PEOPLE not the GOVERNMENT, run this country. But we have strayed and now with Obama we have bigger issues at hand because the GOVERNMENT not the PEOPLE will run this country with an iron fist.

    If you like your guns, Obama was not your man. He wants to out law guns, but first he will tax them and anything that goes with to death. So you quit buying guns and then when it gets to the point that people don't care about guns that is when he will out law them. I am sorry but I like my guns...for self protection and for hunting my food. By the way this won't stop the criminals from getting guns and shooting at you or your family, and the law bidding citizen won't have a gun to protect themselves with.

    If you like your job with a smaller business, you will soon lose it. The more the taxes go up on the smaller business owners the more unemployment will go up. Also the more you tax these people the more they will raise their prices.

    Yes, so lets raise taxes so we can have higher unemployment, more inflation on the products you buy, less money to buy them with...boy can you say a WORSE economy.

    Speaking of the economy, did anyone notice it did not start to get bad until 2 years ago when the DEMOCRATS took over the US House and the US Senate?

    Take a good look at history because it is repeating itself...GREAT DEPRESSION era, anyone!

    If you like your freedom of speech, look out because Obama is all for the Fairness Doctrine...for those of you who don't know what this is...it is all about censoring and shutting down conservative talk in any form.

    Lets not forget the illegal immigrants that he wants to make legal to live on welfare that the working person is paying, so they will vote him back in to office in 2012. REDISTRABUTION OF THE WEALTH.

    And don't give me oh that won't happen or I like your crystal ball or he won't do that...because if you look at his voting record it speaks for itself. The best part of his voting record is how many times he has voted PRESENT...he can't make a decision and when he does it is wrong for this country...and the people of this county voted him into the MOST POWERFUL POSITION IN THE WORLD.

    What is he going to do when the red phone rings...say I am present!!!

  13. BP - although Obama is our President elect, and we must respect him for the fact that he is the leader of this country, it doesn not mean we have to agree with him or even like him.

    I hope that he does a good job and that I am wrong about him. But history has shown to repeat itself, and this guys' history is extremely suspect.

    I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but he has a very short leash with me. I will always respect the office of President as long as - as Glenn Beck puts it - he does not force us to betray our values. For myself, God and Country are first and foremost in my list of values and I hope and pray he does not try to destroy either.

    As for the plank in my own eye, I never claim to be perfect, and those who know me best know my flaws. I will not try to hide mistakes or my past from anyone...and it's not a plank that I am worried about with Obama. It is a forest of lies and deceit that threaten the freedoms of America as well as our Constitution.

    tmiller - bp has shown himself to be a moron,, although a well meaning moron =) As I'm sure you know, the media already feeds on the crises in America and continues to split the electorate in two while they champion legislation and organizations that do nothing but encourage race distinctions. The great thing about individualism is that we should all be equal.

    However, bp has shown some promise. Although he's not completely right, there is merit in what he says about us accepting where we are. We have lost our way as Americans, and if we take the time to educate ourselves about the Constitution, understand what ideologies are at war with individualism and understand what "they" stand for and what "they" are trying to accomplish, we will be better armed to DICTATE to government how they should be run. We do not "influence" government, we ARE supposed to dictate how government runs. It is our responsibility as we are the ultimate check and balance of those who lead us.


    Lol and Amen.


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