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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Cry Of Freedom

Travis Jackson, CC

Has there ever been greater necessity in all of American history for men and women to step forward and take back the country that is rightfully theirs?  Certainly, the Revolutionary War was one such instance, but the truth is, the people that lived here were being ruled by a king from far across the great Atlantic Ocean.  Back then, they were fighting a foreign enemy, one that sent soldiers thousands of miles from their homeland to dictate rules and regulations to the people of a new continent.  Today, the kings and monarchs who were born in THIS land have stolen our rights, trampled our Constitution, and now send our own soldiers and fighting men across the seas to protect "special interests" and to prop up governments that will be friendly to their notion of "nation."  One could argue that King George, who we won our independence from, had a similar foreign policy.  Yes, make no mistake, we are an empire.  One that is built on lies.

The U.S. Constitution was established to protect people from the government and to allow government only the power to protect the freedom of the individual.   Each elected leader swears an oath to protect and uphold it, yet they choke on this lie each time they pass legislation that protects THEM from those they wish to rule.  They sit on their thrones in Congress and in the White House, passing legislation for their benefit, not beholden to the same laws that they oppress their citizens with.  They are grandiose, eager to maintain power, easily bought with money, and do the bidding of gangster bankers and corrupt corporate groups. They lie and cheat their way into public office, brandishing the sword of media to obtain public approval, all the while lining their pocketbooks with Americans' hard earned money.    

With each passing election, more and more people are waking up to the fact that our so called leaders do not represent us, but, instead, represent themselves and the beast of government.  Many have already left their respective parties in disgust, seeing the political spectrum they are presented with for what it is, two sides of the same coin.  Added to these are the ones who are slowly starting to question the marching orders they receive coming from their televisions and radios.  However, most of the disgruntled masses are still being deceived, silently led by the strong arm of the media.  Breaking this spell is difficult, as decades have gone by with many holding on to the belief that those who they have relied on for "news" and opinion for so long are just like them and simply represent the party they believe in.  It is a haze that can only be cleared with asking the right questions.

They are the questions that are never asked in a debate.  They are ones that politicians only give lip service to without going into any detail and ones the media refuses to touch.  They are questions that encompass the heart of the Constitution and pertain to the proper role of government, the economy, the central banks, and sound money.  For too long we have failed to ask even the simple question, "Am I really free?"  Those who question government or their actions or ask questions on these subjects are quickly ostracized from the rest of the public by labeling them "kooky," or "conspiracy theorists."  It is a form of psychological warfare, keeping the largest portion of the electorate away from the truth.  A good citizen dares not question his government.  It is better to march along than be considered "unpatriotic."  No one wants to be labeled crazy, so for most, they continue to listen to what they are told is true, never questioning whether or not those who do the telling speak the truth. 

The millions of citizens who make up the army of the electorate are split into two camps.  On the right, Republicans are told by their leaders that the true enemy is the "left."  And the left, made up of Democrats, are led by those who scream that the problem lies with the "right."  For decades this fight has gone on, with left and right taking up arms against each other, as our leaders spurred on the contest with angry and bitter words.  So concerned with this fight, we failed to realize that the bigger war was taking place behind our backs, one that effected both sides.

On and on it has gone.  Right. Left. Right. Left.  With every election cycle this pendulum swing cut the fabric of our Constitution while the electorate marched on, fighting each other, disgusted at what the other side was doing.  Meanwhile, the leaders of both sides laughed at the confusion they created as they gobbled up power while continuing to keep our nation divided. 

Thankfully, the ranks are diminishing, albeit slowly, with the admirals and colonels of main stream media slowly losing their following on talk radio and television.  Their arrogance has grown to the point that they have exposed themselves for what they are.  Leaders of both parties, like never before, are starting to resemble one another.  As their "left," "right" cadence decreases, and as their power and blatant dismissal of the needs of the people increase, the masses are starting to ask themselves who they really should be fighting.

For those in power, they think the war has almost been won.  They have relied on entertainment to keep their subjects distracted, and for a long while we have been.  Whether it is political gamesmanship or game shows, sports contests, soap operas, reality shows, or Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we have allowed ourselves to be consumed by how others are living instead of thinking about the way we SHOULD be living.  With their intentions no longer lying in secret rooms hidden from public view, it is easy to see that they despise "We The People." They flaunt their power and influence in our faces, passing horrific legislation with increasing frequency, believing we are too distracted to notice and thinking we are too stupid to care.  When we do raise our voice in protest, they ignore us, telling us they know what is best.  They are no longer two parties fighting for the people.  Instead, they have become a single entity fighting against the people they pretend to represent.  They are our Kings and Nobles, believing they can force us into submission.  They are wrong.

People swarm to the idea of freedom.  It is the heart of our country and is deeply embedded in the fabric of each human life.  It is this idea that won us our independence against the king of England.  Freedom is popular, and for the first time in decades people are re-discovering their need for it.  We are beginning to awaken, to understand the rights and responsibility that goes with being an American.  We are reading the Constitution and finally realizing that the true enemy is not one another or some party, but rather, the beast that lies waiting in our nations capital, making itself fat at the expense of the people.  Whether our leaders realize it or not, their lies have caught up with them. 

With the belly of the beast exposed, the people are now rallying around a new champion, Ron Paul.  He, like the Greek hero Perseus, faces the Kraken in this years Presidential race, trying to protect the people from a terrifying creation.  He does this, not with the head of Medusa, but holding, instead, the Constitution.  It is his weapon of choice, stained with the blood of true patriots who valued freedom and containing in its words the keys to slaying the dangerous beast we call government.

As always, the beast wears different faces and is called by different names.  During this election cycle, whether their name is Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, or Obama, they all pose a dangerous threat to the people.  They pretend they are enemies, yet each face is backed by the same powerful people whose dead, cold hearts care for nothing but themselves.  They are the 1% and have been America's enemy since the beginning, waging war with the people through legislation and economic policy.  Each of its faces in our current election have been bought and paid for, and each, in turn has been delivered with praise by a media owned by this same hateful group of monsters.  All of the Presidential candidates have been placed in front of the electorate as champions by the main stream media, only to fall short of the example of the one man they have tried in vain to dismiss, repress, villianize, and reject.

Ron Paul has slipped passed their radar, perhaps because, in their own arrogance, they cannot recognize strength and power that are derived from humbleness, integrity, and principle.  They seem to not understand that it is not the man that his followers support but his ideas.  Seemingly caught up in the world of popularity and entertainment that they helped create, selling names, faces, and what "looks" good to the buying consumer, they have failed to recognize the power and influence a man of substance can have over the people they so easily deceive.  He has a growing, dedicated army behind him, made up of those who have left the ranks of the two party system.  He is a man that leads with consistency and conviction, and most of all truth.  With refreshing candor and an honest approach to the problems this nation is facing, he is waking up the electorate, and those of us who's eyes are open are finding the urge to fight once again, not against each other but FOR one another.  Our rallying cry is eerily similar to the one heard on this continent during the birth of this nation.  It is more contagious than any disease, it does not discriminate, and it is inspiring a new revolution.  It is a cry that should strike fear in the hearts of the powerful elite and the establishment that has America in its iron grip.

It is a cry of hope.

It is the cry of freedom. 

In all of this, there are those who refuse to stand with this growing army of liberty lovers.  They turn away from us in fear or anger.  Among these numbers are some that cannot face the truth, not being able to bring themselves to admit that the beast is real.  Many are just too prideful to admit that they are wrong.   Some are even afraid of not being controlled or told what to do and how to live.  So frightened at actually having to take responsibility for themselves, they reject the very idea of what freedom and liberty truly represent.  Yet, day after day our numbers grow as most are still working up the courage, trying to shake loose from the haze and the lies.  Having been told that this "champion of the Constitution" is not real, or not worthy of their support, they are divided, unsure whether it is their eyes or their ears that are deceiving them.  Sooner or later, one by one, they will all feel the stirring in their hearts and will join the fray.

Make no mistake, the battle lines are being drawn.  It is big government versus the people, and neither side is backing down. 

In their overconfidence, our arrogant leaders have resorted to their old tactics, using the media to demonize Ron Paul one day and then choosing to ignore him for weeks at a time.  In the past, they have demoralized the people in this way and have been able to quickly dismiss any objector to their stronghold on government.  The "establishment," with the persuasive media behind them have been in power for so long they do not yet realize that they are losing control.  They are out of tricks and the people of this country are beginning to see behind the curtain of lies.  A few in the media recognize this fact but are refusing to give up. They scream from their lofty perch in radio and television, using the words "conspiracy," "kook,"  "racist,"  "war," and "terror" to try and sway the public in their direction. They have even gone so far to label the kindly old doctor as "dangerous."  Yet, above their insistent and pleading voices, urging the people that they should listen to them, the cries of freedom can be heard, growing louder, and beckoning other Americans to join the fight. 

The kingpins of America want us to give up, to roll over and accept the country that they would give us.  They want to hold the keys, locking out anyone that would stand in the way of their power.  They marginalize and dismiss the freedom movement in hopes that it will go away and have made it obvious they have no plans to allow Dr. Paul a place of honor in their halls of government.  What they continue to not understand is that we do not wish this either, for his place of honor rests with the people. 

Men follow leaders for one of two reasons: fear or respect.  It is not fear that motivates Ron Paul's supporters but rather respect for the man that he is and always has been.  He has inspired men and women to become educated and to understand the issues, not relying on the opinions of others to guide them.  Through example he has taught timid souls to be brave, and to have a voice.  He has become the people's champion; their Greek legend, staring the beast in the face and always standing his ground, even when standing alone.  He is the brave soul who, long ago decided to stand up for his convictions.  It is not blind worship that has attracted so many to his cause as some claim, but a deep understanding that his convictions are true, noble, and right.  For us, he is our American hero, a modern day Thomas Jefferson, not looking to honor himself but rather, working to restore the honor to our nation.

And for Dr. Paul?  Well...it is not Mt. Olympus that he is after, but rather "we the people" who have been dismissed and forgotten by those who would consider themselves gods.  

He is a dangerous enemy indeed!

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