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Friday, March 6, 2009

No End in Sight

Very good article and insight! (Link)

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  1. sorry its been so long. work and stuff, you know. However, you know i love the blog, but Trav, what next? I just watched a depressing video of A listers saying to vote b/c of a black man, or for someone to get married to one of the same sex, or whatever dumbass reason.. do they know what the country is? Someones' freedoms are becoming forced and socialism is here. After Obama firing GM's CEO, we're now onto fascism, but the ones that need to be woken up to this are still under the progressives spell.
    i can't even be humorous about socialism anymore b/c its true.
    i'm declaring a new class system...progressives, and Constitutionalists. yep, the term liberal and conservative need not apply now,
    and to think someone told me yesterday that he's going to like Obama, and that he's done nothing wrong yet. HA! he got an ear full. no one is aware! how do we keep up with it?!!!
    alright, rant is over, but seriously Trav, what next?
    Is there anyway to stop whats coming?


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